Sharthilda Theodore of Livandas
Red tabby - White
Pure Persian Male
3 July - 2017
PKD DNA Negative parents



Kissables Charlie of Sarthilda



Rhamjoge Gin Martin of Kissables

Red Harlequin

GC,RW Rhamjoge Hot Toddy


GC,RW Rhamjoge Nash,DM

GC,RW Sho-Dazzler Invicible of Rhamjoge
GC Rhamjoge Better Than Ever

GC Rhamjoge Whimsey

GC,RW Seder Rennes Basket Case of Rhamjoge
GC,RW Rhamjoge Lucy

CH Astral Charm Coat-of-many-colors


GC Candirand Razzle of Astral Charm, DM,

GC Candirand’s Somebody Slap me of Jovan
GC Candirand’s Priceless Scandal

CH Zerma Confidant In Spirit

GC,RW Jubileum’s Heart N Soul of Toolovely
GC Wishstar Prayer of Ilex

Moppetland suncatcher of Kissables

Red tabby-white

Kissables Dreamcatchr of Moppetland

Red mackerel tabby-white

Kissables Like Manna from Heaven

GC Parti Wai Jazzman of Kissables

NC CH Brannaway Maya of Kissables

Bellisa Oddly Marqued of Kissables

CH Kissables Toohoottohandle of Bellisa

Dragon Pass Autum of Belissa

Angelkissed Heart of Moppetland

Brown patched tabby-white

Angelkissed Mercy Me!, Cream tabby-white

GC Wishstar Halleluyah! Of Angelkissed Chrishann

CH Kozy Oddly Enough of Angelkissed, O.E White

Angelkissed Shasta, Calico

GC Agonistes Oreo Cookie

CH Mockingbird A.D




Sarthilda Hannalee

Dilute Calico

Byhishands Beethoven of Sarthilda

Blue tabby-white

CH Sandy-B Bojangles of Byhishands

CH Sandy-B MR Gizmo, Blue-white

CH Sandy-B Ruff N Ready

GC Sandy-B Ms Wonderful

Perhaven Mi-Mi, Calico

Budmar’s Topgun of Boraines

Cashmirkitns Sweet Adiction

GC Byhishands Simply Paris

Blue patched tabby-white
CH Oililly Brown Nosin of Byhishands, Blue tabby-white

Oililly Stripe up The band

Hassellidens Yzzela

CH Byhishands Absolutely, Red-white CH Patsi-Kat Nash Rambler of Whitman
GC Byhishands Okie Dokie,DM

Bonne Santé Yasmina of Sarthilda

Dilute Calico

D’Arnes I Love You Boy

Blue-white van
D’Arnes Dylan, Blue-white Nelson De Banderas

Harwood Scarlet of D’Arnes

D’Arnes F-Melody Azul, Blue-white

Harwood Giorgio

Wattkatz Mariah

Belamy’s Charleene of Bonne Santé

Jubileum Caruso, Cream-white GC,RW Catillak’s Sooner or Later, DM
Jubileum’s I Dream of Jeanie

CH Jonti Isabella of Belamy, Calico van

GC They Charlie Brown of Jonti
GC Jonti Colette