PL*Jantar Impression of Livandas
Red-Tabby-Van (strong Carrier of O.E/B.E)
Pure Persian Male
Born: 17 February-2021
PKD DNA Negative

PL*Jantar Diabolic Moon

Purrinlot Blue Mirage of Jantar*PL

Purrinlot Eye Belive
GC Brannaway Here's Mud In Your Eye GC Wishstar Triump
Brannaway Chicory of Jordanalisa
CH Kramkattens Godgif2me of Purrinlot
CH Farallon Paradox of L'AbriFelin

Nightingale's Specially Delivery

GC Purrinlot Athenas Present
GC Nanc-C Double Zeus of Purrinlot GC Nanc-C's Jack's Legaci
Nanc-C Bonni Blue of Purrinlot
GC Purrinlot Anna's Gift
Brannaway Here's Mud In Yor Eyes

Kramkatten's Godgif2me of Purrinlot

D'Eden Lover New Star of PL*Jantar

D'Class Ocavango of D'Eden Lover Candirand's He'z Amazing of D'Class Revillion DayDreams of Candirand
Candirand's Diamond Girl
Oboecats Eywa of D'Class Ocalicos Angelo of Oboecats
Ocalicos Lizzye of Oboecats
D'Eden Lover Java GC D'Eden Lover Gipps of Fare DM GC Melositos White Owl of D'Eden Lover
GC D'Eden Lover Aboe Stars of Kuorii
Stunning Eye Vivian of D'Eden Lover Panda White Joker of PL*Stunning
D'Eden Lover Cleopatra

D'Class Qechua of D'eden Lover
Calico van

Candirand's The Real Deal of D'Class
Red-Tabby White

GC Candirand's Blast From The Past Candirand's Somebody Slap Me of Jovan

Wattkatz Stroke-of Luck of Candirand

Candirand's Simply Sassy
Candirand's Shut up-N-Kiss-Me Candirand's Simply Irrestable

Candirand's Everlasting Love
Candirand's Scent of A Rose Tehy Apollo of Catillac Bocasana's George Michael of They
Tehy Blossom
CH Candirand's Briar Rose Catillak's From This Moment On

Kitcorp For Eternity of Candirand

Whispurwnds Evanora of D'Class
Calico van

Vondeens Oddyssey of Whispurwnds
Seder Rennes Lazaro of Vondeens Catillak's Twist-of Fate of Seder Rennes
Seder Rennes Ginza
Wishstar Maybelline of Vondeens Wishstar Triumph
Artemis Domenique of Lacey Paws
GC Hanamizuki Symphony of Whispurwnds Hanamizuki Crystal Boy
Arpege Blue Bird of Hanamizuki
Himekami Forever Love of Hanamizuki
Hanamizuki Happines Hanamizuki Bonbon
Hanamizuki Dream