S*Livanda's Lily of the Valley

Blue patched tabby Harlequin
Pure Persian Female
Born: 26 May - 2015
PKD DNA Negative Parents

SC Belamy's Womanizer of Livandas, JW, DSM
PER n 01 22

GC Candirand’s Wind of Change of Belamy
PER d  22 03 

GC RW  Candirand’s Blast From The Past
PER a 03

GC Candirand’s Somebody Slap me
PER a 01

GC Wattkatz Stroke of Luck

CH Candirand’s Simply sassy

CH Candirand’s Shut up-N-Kiss me
PER n 01

GC Candirand’s Simply Irrestible

GC RW Candirand’s Everlasting Love

GC Candirand’s Priceless Scandal DM
PER n 23

Candirand’s Priceless
PER a 03

Catillak’s From This Moment On

Kitcorp For Eternity of Candirand

Bekah Ashleigh of Candirand
PER n 22

GC Candirand’s Jonny Bravo

GC RW Silowette Halle of Bekah

Belamy’s Springtime
PER a 03 22

CH Jubileums Blue Moon
PER a 01 21

GC Catillak’s Eskimo Joy
PER a 01 22

Tehy Apollo of Cattilak,DM

Catillak’s Now and Again

GC Candirand’s Hershey’s Kiss
PER a 03 22

Candirand’s Priceless

Bekah Ashleigh of Candirand

Candirand’s Bella Rose of Belamy
PER f 03

GC RW Candirand Blast from the Past
PER a 01

GC Candirand’s Somebody Slap Me

CH Candirand’s Shut UP-N-Kiss Me

Candirand’s Scent of a Rose
PER d 03

Tehy Apollo of Cattilak,DM

CH Candirand’s Briar Rose

Love Face Lucky Girl of Livandas
PER n 03

Genasaqua Charlie Chan of Love Face

PER n 02

GC Inthewind Elfin Magic of Genasaqua

PERa 01



GC Inthewind Night Flight

PER n 01

CH Rhamjoge Jett

Brannaway Consuming Love, DM

GC BW NW Budmar's Beyonce of Inthewind, DM

PER g 01

Budmar's Coming Out

Budmar's Gooodie, DM

GC Purrden Me Darlin of Genasaqua

PER n 01

GC Designerpurrs Az Jaz of Purrden Me

PER n 03

GC Parti Wai Love Bugs of Designerpurr

CH Designerpurr Diori by Design

GC RW Purrden Me Buttons, DM

PER g 03

CH Regard Sir Noble Victors Valiant

GC Spellbound Savannah of Purrden Me

Love Face Forbidden Love
PER f 03

CH  Parti Wai Frankie Boy of Love Face
PER n 01

GC Day Oh Wish Upon Astar of Parti Wai
PER n 02

Day Oh True Reflection

Day Oh Let Me Call You Sweetheart

GC Parti Wai Mirror Image
PER f 03

GC Magratheas Spiritwalker of Parti Wai, DM

GC Parti Wai Grace, DM

GC Parti Way Rose Garden  of Love Face
PER d 03

GC Magratheas Spiritwalker of Parti Wai, DM
PER d 03 22

 GC Purdy Katz Huckleberry Finn

Graddelights Amber of Magratheas

Parti Wai Lollypop
PER f 03

GC Commedore Andre

Validian Charm Bracelet