Toscaninni's Inspiration of Livandas
Red Harlequin
Pure Persian Male
June 30 - 2014
PKD DNA Negative parents

D'Eden Lover Idol of Toscaninni's

GC  Divination Cappuccino

GC BW NW  Melositos White Owl of D'Eden Lover DM

Boberan Black Spade of Melositos

GC Boberan's Wild Night

GC RW  Boberan's Misty Blue

Kitty Charm Moonwinds of Melositos

GC NW  Kitty Charm Windchill, DM

GC Kitty Charm Moon Maid.

DW  Divination Choopetta

GC D'Eden Lover Zorro of Kuorii

GC Tehy Martini of Kuorii

Kuorii Moonlight Kiss of D'Eden Lover

GC Divination Just Pretty

Kuorri Sweet Escape of D'Eden Lover

D'Eden Lover Belle et Cherie of Divination

GC RW Divination Cicciolina of Elan.

D'Eden Lover Benjamin of Divination

GC D'Eden Lover Twinkle Star

GC DW D'Eden Lover Casper

DW D'Eden Lover Jezebel

D'Eden Lover Britney

GC DW Blueskyeyes Onyx of Argentovivo

CH D'Eden Lover Moi Lolita

D'Eden Lover Starshine of Divination

GC Tehy Martini of Kuorii

GC Bolo Rumor Hasit of Tehy

Tehy Pop Tart

Kuorii Moonlight Kiss

Kuorii Casper

DW Kuorii Sugar-Cube

Toy Tricksy's Harvest Rose  of Toscaninni's


CH Seder Rennes Harvest of Toy Tricksy 
Red and White Persian

GC  Sho-Dazzler You Better Run

Boberan All Fired Up of Sho-Dazzler

GC RW  Jolee`s Dune of Boberan DM

GC RW  Boberan`s HolidayDM

CH Sho-Dazzler Oh My GoxhDM

GC Pajean's Louie Louie of Sho-Dazzler DM

CH  Catillak Who's That GirlDM

CH Patlen Tacori Ice of Seder Rennes

GC,RW. Chantilylace Footrints of Patlen

GC  Cathedral Markus of Last Call DM

GC Chantilylace Yada Bing Yada Boom

Seder Rennes Imagine Echo

GC  Parti Wai Harricane of Seder Rennes

GC RW  Seder Rennes I Can Only Imagine

CH Kittiary Confetti Drops of Toy Tricksy, DM

Brown Patched Tabby and White Persian

GC RW Kittiary Cuervo Especial!

GC Budmar's Rain Runner of KittiaryDM

Budmar's Coming Out! DM

Budmar's Tribecka

CH Cacao Karma Faye of  Kittary

GC RW Cacao Pachelbel Canon

GC Brannaway Betursweetbippy of Cacao,DM

CH Kittiary Geez Louise!

GC Byhishands Lost Ur Chance of Kittiary

CHPatsi-Kat Nash Rambler of Whitman

CH Byhishands Just Because

Kittiary Wait'll U C My Gidget

CH Zhao Smooth Criminal of Kittiary

CH Fabuls Solemn Promise of Kittiary